Wednesday, June 6th, 2007


Okay. I leave in less than 48 hours. My bwain huwts. I can feel the stress headache all around my jaw and my gums. I keep talking to folks on the phone, saying goodbyes, and they’re all saying, “You must be so excited!!”. But to be honest, I think I’m too old to be excited. Or… I am just thrumming at a very low frequency. Let’s say that. I’d rather say that than I’m scared. Oh, I don’t mind saying that I’m scared. I’M SCARED.

There’s so much to take into consideration. I’m leaving my home: my house. So there’s organising keys, and ceiling fans, and burglar alarms, and lawn cutting. And all I can say is: I’m grateful for good neighbours! And then there’s the packing: stage make-up, and opening night outfits, and too many skirts, and not enough socks, and how many pairs of shoes?! And books, and papers, and projects (because the career in Canada must also continue), and pictures of the cat: I’m grateful for generous sisters! And do they sell the right razor blades in England. And do I need a transformer or just an adaptor for my computer? Blah.

But onward. Tomorrow: more downloading of CDs on to the computer. $100 each for the neighbour kids for taking care of the lawn. Colour my hair. Pick up my best friend in the whole world from the bus, for one last visit. Put mulch on my flower beds to deter the weeds. Hang out the last of the laundry. Go for a walk in the Short Hills to get the last few breaths of the Ontario summer and the last taste of the woods for a while.

And then Friday, seal up the house, load up the car, head into Yorkville to the place where I know they have the ADAPTOR. Then drop the friend off, take the car to the other friend who is going to drive me to the airport. Meet Jenny Young who is going to be my travel companion. And once we are through security, I’ll write more.


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