Day Two


Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Second day. We each had individual music calls with Warren (okay, I am going to have to learn this man’s last name!!). These were straight forward: exploring range and musicality, and seeing if we play any instruments. It feels a bit like we’re still auditioning. Understandably. The creative team from here has no idea who we are or what we can do except what we showed in the initial auditions. And resumes, though they reveal experience, do not show ability. So that was the morning. It meant a sleep-in which I desperately needed, and which put me on the other side of the jet-lag ( I hope!). 

The afternoon was lots of fun. Chorus work with Josette, which consisted mostly of playing children’s games. We played Red Light/Green Light (which they call something else,) and a version of tag, and other movement and space- related games. We created some tableaux. And we worked on an image for the first entrance of the Maids. Then we had a voice class with Charmion (apparently last names are a bit of an issue with me at this stage) which was fabulous and completely related to the images in the play and the choric nature of the play. And then we did some movement with Veronica TENNANT (ta da!). Choral movement is very difficult. So much sensitivity and giving over is required. It was very challenging at the end of the day. 

And that was it, basically. We’re all feeling a bit more settled, though there are communication issues with home. The telephone system in Britain leaves something to be desired. Like…having a phone. We have none in the Ferryhouse, at least none that’s working. And that makes us feel very isolated from our loved ones. It makes one realise how big the pond is that separates us. And now that we are feeling more settled here, the desire to reach out to home becomes somehow necessary. So we are crossing our fingers that this will be rectified soon. 


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