Hard physical work today


Thursday, June 14, 2007

Whew. I think we’ve actually begun. At least my body hopes so. We worked very hard physically today. For the entire morning we did ensemble work: playing games, exploring bodies, getting to know one another as an ensemble of 13 women. It was fantastic work. We worked on moving as an ensemble in opposition and then in unison with the protagonist. We worked on moving while disguising the leader of the movement and allowing that leader to change while continuing to move together. We worked in partners on some contact work, and by lunch time my thighs were shaking and my knees needed a good rest.

After lunch we sat in a circle and began to talk a little about the play. Well, about the relationship of Penelope to the Maids: her culpability in their deaths, her justification for abandoning them at the return of Odysseus, her need to tell this story and “set the record straight.” Just dabbling really, but our first taste of the script. We still don’t know what roles we will be playing in the “story” part of the play, but it is clear that the emphasis for the twelve Maids will be playing the Maids. At least that’s how I’m seeing it. And that it is from our relationships with Penelope as Maids that the “story” characters will spring. This is in keeping with the book, as the Maids only appear in the book as chorus.

At some point tomorrow we will find out what parts we will play in the “story”. But tonight, I will take some advil and have a hot bath!


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