Day off in Leicester


June 18, 2007

Great day. But first… great day off!! Well, couple of days off. I ended up going to my friend Hilary’s in Leicester. It was great to get away and get a taste of real life in England, with a family and children and a garden and a barbeque. Balance is so important. And that made me really ready to come back and get at it. The other girls went to Shakespeare’s Birthplace Museum and really enjoyed that, and then got hooked on the second semi-final of Britain’s Got Talent!! We were all very excited when Paul Hooks (?) won, because he will get to sing in front of the Queen!

We are starting the day now with physical and vocal sessions with Veronica Tennant and Charmion Gradwell. Fantastic. So that’s where we were this morning. We did some more improv, this time around status within the chorus of the maids. It was really excellent. Every level of this work will feed our work onstage. We are developing such rich relationships with each other.

Then we headed off for more music work with Warren. This time a couple of motifs which will be revisited throughout the play, and will be layered and altered. The amazing Lisa Karen Cox was given solo lines throughout, and it is a real privilege to hear her sing above the complex drone chords of the rest of the group. Wonderful.

After lunch we learned a movement section with Veronica, which again will be used as a motif. Simple, but quite effective. And so enjoyable. I said to Charmion at lunch, it is such a pleasure to work with ones entire range of skills. How often are we able to do that? Rarely, I would say. So there is great challenge here, but also, great reward.

Another birthday was celebrated, this time the lovely Lisa Karen Cox turning 27. We had cake with our tea, and brought both in to the rehearsal hall where we all gathered to watch Pan’s Labyrinth. A wonderful film. Josette felt that there were many themes, and visual elements in the film that she was inspired by, and wanted us all to experience. I’m game. I have no problem spending the better part of the afternoon call watching movies, with cake and tea, and popcorn, to boot! But we’ll pay for it tomorrow: the call is from 10 – 7:30!


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