45 seconds to create a Greek feast! Go!


Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Whew! That was a long day, and the brain cells are definitely toasted. We started to put some shape to the beginning of the play today. We have baby steps for the opening sequence, the first Chorus, and the first Scene. That feels good. It came through more improvising: tableaux this time, which is always fun. “You have 45 seconds to create a Greek feast.  Go.” Like that. You just have to be fearless, and know that you have not come up with the most brilliant thing this first time, but at least it will do. And it’s full of laughter. 

We had two music sessions today, solidifying what we know, and adding a few new things. I worship at the feet of the music department here. Bruce, the musical director, is absolutely brilliant in teaching us notes, and introducing us to the tonal clusters that are very intimidating at first. He has a knack of making them perfectly normal. And when we nail it, Warren’s music sounds quite magnificent.

In the afternoon we moved on to the second Chorus, first working on a shape filled with game playing and movement, and then looking at the text and how it will divide amongst the twelve. 

The second music session was after a dinner break, and we got a little bit skippy. But we got a very long song learned, and that is important. That’s when the brain cells went.

Just a brief word about Josette Bushell-Mingo, our esteemed director. This woman is a force, I can tell you. Her eyes are like saucers, open to the world to capture all and translate it into vision, which she conveys with unbounded enthusiasm. You get excited in her presence, because a little bit of her rubs off on you. And all this is expressed through the extraordinary animation of her body: she demonstrates. It’s so entertaining! She is so agile and connected to her body, and she communicates visual, emotional, and even intellectual information through this amazing conduit. She’s inspiring. Literally. You breathe her in.


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  1. Hilary Purves Says:

    Hi Kate,
    I’ve really enjoyed keeping up with the work process, thanks for all your effort.
    Here are a few of my very favourite voice and body quotes that I hope you will enjoy. I know that you relish little ‘nuggets’ of inspiration and I hope that at least one is new to your collection.

    ‘We start with the principle that the human being is a unity, an indivisible whole… We breathe with our whole body, with our arms, our legs our feet, even though our respiratory aparatus takes a leading role in the process. We sing with our whole body, not just our vocal chords.’
    Augusto Boal (1992, 2002) ‘Games for Actors and Non-Actors’ p49

    ‘The voice as a tool for discovering, activating, remembering, uncovering, demonstrating primordial/prelogical consciousness… the dancing voice… the body of the voice/the voice of the body… the voice as a direct line to the emotions. The full spectrum of emotions. Feelings that we have no words for.’
    Meredith Monk (1997) ‘Meredith Monk’ p56

    and this old chestnut that I’m sure is inscribed into your very being and which you led me to –

    ‘Like an invisible hand the voice extends from our body and acts, and our entire body lives and participates in this action.
    Eugenio Barber (1979) ‘The Floating Islands’ p68

    Keep playing – thats where the real life is!!! Lots of love from Hils. X

  2. Bruce Hunter Says:

    Wow how do you find the energy to type and relive your day? I thought you told me that you couldn’t do improvisation or something to that nature. I wish I could have some sort of inspirational nugget that will click your brain into high gear. Unfortunately what I would say would just confuse and sway your highly focused psyche. You might even drop a tray of mimed ducks into a fellow thespians brain pan as you apply my degenerate wisdom. So I will only say this. ROCK ON! Hope you are digging it Kate. Take care and say hi to Will for me.


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