A Day with Veronica


Saturday, June 23, 2007

It was a special day today. A whole day with Veronica. What a gift. I had a solo session first thing, and what a time of discovery. Veronica facilitated a physical exploration of character. She had me dance the back story of Eurycleia, the character I am playing in the story. It was such a liberating experience. It began with words and supported movement, and then moved to its feet and became less self-conscious, until these insights into her life simply erupted from my body through text and movement. You can’t pay for this stuff, man, it has to be given to you. 

What’s amazing about Veronica is that she keeps you on the edge of discovery, so just as you feel you might be comfortable with what you are thinking or how you are moving, she asks you to alter your thoughts or your movement or both. In this way I was kept right at my edge, the place where the best theatre is made, and never allowed to become self-indulgent or even comfortable. A truly remarkable experience. 

It was a difficult day. End of the week, and we were all pretty tired. But you see, Veronica can’t go home and do her work on paper. She needs to create her work on bodies in space. And so we plugged away, and even though we were tired, the work was so inspiring, and such a lot of fun. And I hope, at the end of the day, she had some material that she can utilise in the production. 

It was a day about Veronica, really. She and I even met for dinner in the evening and had a wonderful visit, and a delicious meal. This is an artist of the first degree and water. What a woman: a globally recognised dance artist, a filmmaker, a mother, a choreographer, and a gentle, sensitive, and intelligent soul. We are so privileged to be in her caring hands, and to receive her support and her wisdom as part of this work. Oh yeah.


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