Difficult Wily Sea Captains


Monday, June 25, 2007

A good and much needed day off. We all spent the day around town. Resting mostly, and looking at the new script that we got at the end of the day on Saturday. Oh, maybe I looked around the shops a little. Yikes. Extremely overpriced clothing here in Stratford-upon-Avon.  So I didn’t buy anything. But it was a good way to get out for the afternoon. Jenny wasn’t feeling well, so I got her some ginger tea. Corrine is on the mend, by the way. She is still taking it very easy on her feet, but getting stronger every day. 

Today we were right back at it. Excellent classes to begin the day, with Veronica and Charmion. And then we got right into the rough blocking. We looked at the Chorus of the birth of Telemachus. We showed Josette and the Mac/Mac women what Veronica had created on us on Saturday. And we watched a short video of Pina Bausch’s work. That was fascinating. So we brought that flavor to the movement, and put a loose blocking on the Chorus. 

After lunch we looked at the next few scenes and blocked those, and then did some more music with Warren. This time The Wily Sea Captain. Lots of fun. But not easy, Warren!

The days here can be slightly longer than we are used to. The British Equity has different rules around repertory rehearsals. It takes a bit of getting used to. But still nothing like the women in our group who are going off to do shows every evening.  But that last hour of the day takes it out of you, and we were all pretty pooped when we piled into the house to make our dinner.

Oh! Another Canadian birthday today! Pam Matthews this time. So more cake on the tea break! Yippee. Very generous of everyone here.


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