As the Penelopiad turns…


Tuesday, June 26th, 2007

It was winter today! The weather has been absolutely wretched, but this takes the cake. It can’t have been more than 10 degrees, and windy and raining. Blechh! And the building we are working in was impossibly cold. Good thing we are working physically so much, as that keeps the blood flowing. 

Nothing terribly special at work today. We continue to block the show, getting into relationships, and storytelling all the while. Josette has created such a team. So while we are blocking scenes in the main hall, there were split rehearsals for movement with Veronica, and music with Warren and Bruce in other halls. Always keeping everyone busy. It’s the only way with a production like this which incorporates so many performance elements. 

On the way home we stopped for a while to watch some Morris dancers who were entertaining on the Riverside. A little club, they must have been, as they had very nice green vests with dragons on the back. They were all over 60, I’m sure, most of them older, and there was a great fellow accompanying them on the accordion. 

We’ve become a right little family at the Old Ferryhouse. Once again we made and ate dinner together, and digested the days’ work. We will miss Lisa when she moves out with her husband this weekend. And what will the two men be like who will join us from the Richard/Henry cast? 

Tune in again. This and other questions will be answered as… the Penelopiad turns!


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