Celebrations and Remembrances


Wednesday, June 27th, 2007

We began the day with great news, spent the middle of the day with a legend, and ended the day in grief. 

The good news is: Corinne Koslo won a Dora Mavor Moore Award for her work in the Seussical at LKTYP. This is the second year in a row she has won for work at this theatre, and she took it all in stride. So many congratutlations to Corrine!!!

After warm-ups, and the introduction of another brilliant piece of music from Maestro Wills, we had a text class with Cicely Berry. What a woman. She has been with the RSC since its inception, and has been the Head of Voice here for many years. She has trained some of the finest actors and voice teachers in the English speaking world (and I’m sure beyond that). And what an indomitable spirit. And an infectious spirit. She has the uncanny ability to create relationships with words in an instant: to their vowels, and punctuation, and rhythm. So this was a fantastic way to spend our time until lunch.

After lunch, back to the play, and taking a first pass at the scenes as we figure out a basic shape. A lot of discussion about the scene where the play tips, and things start to get ugly. It’s a full company scene, and the first time the twelve maids are in a story-telling scene together with Penelope. So imagine sixteen women trying to come to a conclusion about anything — it takes time, listening, and occasionally, gentle tongue biting. But we have a good first stab. And the rest of the scene work continues. We are about 2/3 of the way through the play now, so the most difficult scenes are lining up, one by one. It will be tough slogging, that’s a given.

We heard of the tragedy when we arrived home. Kelly had heard from a friend at home that William Hutt had died. This stopped us all in our tracks. What a colossal loss to Canadian theatre. The man was a master. So as we ate our dinner we exchanged stories about our associations with Bill, his work on stage, his grieving family (my friends Peter and Bridget and their beautiful children Olivia and Adam are missing their Uncle Bill!), and the legacy he leaves to those who follow in his footsteps of a truly Canadian voice for Shakespeare. 

And then we raised a glass: To William Hutt.


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