Banking headaches and a Walrus


Thursday, June 28th, 2007

Not much new to report today. Banking headaches for me. My PIN number and cheques have gone astray in the mail, so I had to cancel them and re-order. It’s a bit of a pain. It means I have to bank like we did in the seventies: actually carrying cash around! 

The scene work continues. With luck, and Josette’s determination, we should meet our Saturday deadline for having the play staged. We had a lot of fun with the dream sequence. It should be great fun for the audience. 

Separate movement and singing calls are always happening as smaller scenes are staged, and every day we get more confident with the music. And we start to sound good! That’s a relief, because, as Warren says, it is “contemporary” music. 

There was a reporter from The Walrus around today. And he will be here tomorrow. Sarah kept calling the magazine, The Wallaby. Maybe they should start an Aussie version?

I had a wonderful private session with Charmian Gradwell to finish my day. It’s a bit weird because we both have the same degree in Voice from the Central School of Speech and Drama. And I think there is a natural tendency to measure up ones peers. So I was a bit defensive off the top. But we did some fantastic work opening up warmer tones in my voice. And I think it will be very useful. This type of support in coaching and training is so fantastic. It really allows me, as an actor, to be fully on my game in all aspects, and to know that if I stumble, there will be a variety of enormously skilled people to turn to for help.


4 Responses to “Banking headaches and a Walrus”

  1. Andy Lunney Says:


    Reading your blog is wonderful and worrying all at the same time. As a theatre lover it is such privileged look into the rehearsal process. As a Company Manager I worry when I read about no phones, Corrine’s feet and lost cheques. I however take great comfort in the fact that Jondon and the whole team are on top of things. This where I wish I could do a job swap as I’m sure there is much I could learn.

    I loved the Wallaby comment and your first discription of working with Veronica Tennant was magical.

    Give my love to the gang.

    Any Canada Day plans?


  2. Andy Lunney Says:

    Thanks for your comment Andy!
    Don’t worry about us. Things are a bit different here, but we are being taken care of.
    All the best to the folks at the NAC, and we’ll see you soon!

  3. Rebecca Says:

    Loving the Blog – it all sounds so amazing!
    You are missed here, as always.
    Can’t WAIT to see this show when it comes to Canada!(Oh – and I almost have all the paperwork in order to get my British Passport! Fingers crossed!)
    Lots of love…


  4. Kate Says:

    Okay. Beginning to figure this comment thing out! Great to hear from you Bec. Hope you’re coming for a visit, then, if you’ve got papers. Missing all of you at home, too. Have some sushi across the street for me! Dying for sushi!
    Love right back at you.

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