Saturday with Veronica


Saturday, June 30, 2007

Another great day with Veronica. The Mac/Mac girls had 2 shows today, and Penny was with her family in London for the weekend, so it was the Canadians on a choreographic tear. We had a good day. And Djanet Sears was an enormous help. I know she’s here as a Creative Fellow, with combined duties for the RSC and Warwick University, but today she was a choreographic assistant: keeping rhythm for us on the jembe, pushing the button on Veronica’s iPod, and taking notes on some of the sequences that Veronica was setting on us. Talk about adapting your skills! Djanet is a real pleasure to have around. She has such remarkable warmth, and intelligence, and is so generous in her spirit. She is a great support. 

We finished the day at the Dirty Duck. This is the watering hole across the street from the Swan Theatre, and spitting distance from the houses where most of us are living. The food is appalling. But it’s the local pub, so that’s where everyone hangs out. And on a Saturday after rehearsals, there was a big glass with my name on it. And apparently a few other named drinks for the rest of the gang. 

Then home to find a stressed out Lisa Cox waiting for her husband to arrive. His flight had been delayed several hours because of the terrorist alerts in London, and the car explosion in Glasgow. And once he arrived there were huge traffic diversions, and it was a nightmare of a day for him. He was expected around 3:30pm, and finally arrived to a tearful Lisa at around midnight. But we are glad he is safely here, and I know Lisa will be so happy to have him with her from this point on. 


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