Sunday, July 1st, 2007 Canada Day

Guess what. Rain!! What a surprise, since it’s rained every day but three since we’ve been here. It’s hilarious watching the brollies all go up, and the tourists who are caught without them running for cover. All this I can see from my excellent bay window over the Avon. A room with a view. Nothing like it. 

As a Canada Day treat… I went shopping! Yippee! I went to the big sales at Debenhams, and they had all sorts of fabulous stuff. So I came home with a full shopping bag, and a smile on my face. 

My friend Hilary and her partner Kev came from Leicester and brought me some excellent accessories to brighten up my room. The decor here is less than exciting: cream walls, 1970s brown carpet, and forest green high gloss on the window and door trim. Add a paisley foam pull-out couch and you have the makings of my worst nightmare. Hils brought me a throw for the couch, a mat to cover a good portion of the carpet, candles, lamps, and a pretty duvet cover. So tonight as I write I feel quite cozy and comfortable in my temporary home. 

It’s hard being away from home. Yes, it’s an adventure. But I also miss the comforts and routines that I have grown accustomed to. I miss my home. That doesn’t seem to stop me from skipping up and down in the garden, saying: I’m in England, in the town where Shakespeare was born, and I’m rehearsing a play with a group of amazing artists, and what a great day to be Canada’s Day! There’s plenty of room for both the longing and the fulfillment.


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