Scenes about goats and losing Frank.


Friday, July 6, 2007

On we go. Scenes about goats. That’s all I’m going to say. One of those little carrots to dangle in front of you so that you will come and see for yourself. Pam’s goat movie had a rough cut screening today at the lunch hour. And Jenny Young is giving bleeting lessons to all comers. And Pam is working on emitting a musky odour in all of her Ithaca scenes. Get your tickets now!

Split rehearsals again: scene work and music in the morning. And choreography and staging in the afternoon. And then we gathered for some devastating news. One of our company from the Mac/Mac company has had to withdraw from the Penelopiad for personal reasons. Our dear Frank (Francis) Ashman. What a bright light she is. What a true joy to work with. I was so enjoying running and playing with her, as were we all. So we are deeply saddened to lose this vibrant member of the team. And in the same breath I have to say we will welcome a new member of the fold on Monday, and she will be adopted and embraced by all. The show must go on. 

But with love, Frank, we wish you all the very best, and hold a place for you in our hearts.


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