Jade on board.


Monday, July 9, 2007

Jade joined us. Welcome Jade! (The last name thing is a bit of an issue with me, I know.) This effervescent young woman bounced into rehearsals and fit in instantly. She even did the first blocking scene off book. Unbelievable. The assistant director, Ray, will be working with her to fit her into staging and scene work, and she stayed for a private music call in the evening.

Jenny also stayed with Ray to work on the understudy of Penelope. That is a big piece of work for her to add. After all, we are all onstage all the time, basically. And therefore called all day everyday to rehearsals. So a big understudy like that is a big extra duty to take on. 

And that is the news, I’m afraid. Split rehearsals: scene work in the big room, music rehearsals down the hall. 

Oh. The men from the Mac/Mac company are in the Arden Street Rehearsal Halls now. They are working on a devised piece of theatre with Anthony Neilson. It’s nice to have a bit more balance of masculine energy, even if it is only in the greenroom. 

Okay. That’s something to write about. The all female rehearsal room. Very interesting. There is a difference, you know. And whether that’s the people and the piece, or the gender, it’s impossible to say. But there is a sense of gentle camaraderie. No chest beating. Less competition. Too many cooks on occasion. But there is definitely a different feel in the room. I’ll think more on this. 


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