Making good theatre is hard.


Tuesday, July 10. 2007

Big day. And there will be more to come this week. Now we’re at the crisis point in the play as far as work through goes, so it means lots of discussion, and the domino effects of certain decisions on the many characters. And then also the domino effect of the crisis on the rest of the play. 

Making good theatre is hard. Every little decision that is made ripples through the piece in one way or another. That is why at this stage of the process the work is so painstaking. But good. And rewarding. 

Jade is a real trooper. It’s amazing how young people can just jump in with confidence in their gifts, seemingly free from fear. (She’s right out of theatre school for gods sake!) Whereas us old codgers have to sit and talk about it until it feels safe. Anyway. She’s remarkable. Bold. Completely capable.

We had a long fight call. I think that was what made the day particularly exhausting. And costume fittings spread throughout the day. And Joey, our gender genius, was back with us. So both she and Allison, our fight director, helped Josette to stage the rape scene. This kind of work is very disturbing. And here is another place where a group of women are completely united in their sensitivity around this subject matter. Consequently, I think we will reach a level with this scene that will create an excellent theatrical crisis. 

A music call at the end of the day took us until 7:45pm. A quick drink at the pub, and then home to make notes on the work we had done that day. And by ten to eleven I completely crashed. There is little room in these days for anything but theatre. Which is fine. It is a time dedicated to that.


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