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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Whew! Long hard day. Warm-up with Veronica. This work is so vital to keep our bodies supple as we start to get tired. Then straight in to a fight rehearsal: first reviewing choreographic sequences, then placing them into the scene with the soundtrack. Then on to a split rehearsal: music with Warren and Mike in the Music Room, and scene work in Rehearsal Hall 1. 


And onto the big scenes of the end of the play, from the return of Odysseus. Very time consuming and detailed, this work. The Mac/Mac women were released at 5:15, and we took a supper break so there could be a production meeting. Evening calls were split: Jade did some work with Veronica to help her catch up on movement. Kelly and I did some scene work with Josette and Penny. Ray was working understudies with Jenny and Lisa. And Pippa and I then met with Veronica to go over choreographic details, as we have been appointed dance captains and will be responsible for keeping the numbers clean as we go through the run of the play. The call finished at 8:30pm. 

Too pooped to do work when I got home. (Thankfully there was some food for general consumption at the studio.) So I sat and had a glass of wine with the girls. We’re a bit homesick. And the chat centred around differences in culture and working styles, and how although we are welcoming all the newness, it takes some adjusting. So to family and friends at home: we miss you, and are always grateful for a word of support from across the pond.


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  1. Andy Lunney Says:

    Speaking of differences – are you finding a better and larger selection of wines to rinse away the wear and tear of the day? From this side of the pond the days sound full and exciting but you can certainly understand the homesick part. A big hello to everyone but a special hello to the Canuck contingent

  2. Sean Dixon Says:

    Most people are too shy to comment on blogs. It bears no relation to their level of interest.

  3. Kate Says:

    Thanks Sean and Andy for greetings from home. Wine is a hard one. I’m so addicted to Ontario wines, living in the Niagara region and all, that finding something just right is difficult. RIght now I’m drinking a Chilean Sauvignon Blanc that is cheap and cheerful and seems to be a bandage for the ‘wear and tear’. And Sean, have heart, photos are on the way!

  4. Anonymous Says:

    I have been quietly following along Kate. Thanks for your writing. It’s great to be observing from afar. I can’t wait to see the show.
    Best to all…

  5. Margaret Lamarre Says:

    You all have no idea how proud we Canadians are of your work and your repesenting all of us. I got interested when helping Pam Mathews with her audition piece but I had no idea I would share in this process through your writing and intimate news. I am so grateful for your work and your keeping us so well informed. MERDE to all of you.

    Margaret Lamarre (in Minneapolis at the moment)

  6. Kate Says:

    Thanks for your greeting. We are really looking forward to bringing our European colleagues over to Ottawa, and showing them a bit of our country. All is pretty intense right now, but going well.

    And Margaret! Thanks so much for your kind words. I will pass them on to the whole company here, especially to Pam.

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