Swan Song?


Stratford Swans

Stratford Swans. 

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Let’s talk about the swans for a moment. I saw a huge swan fight this morning. I had my window open, and could hear this violent flapping of wings. Being in Greek mode, I thought “My god. Zeus! Leda!” But I think it was just an assertion of territory. It was quite violent though, with neck biting, some yelping on the part of the victim, and a considerable expenditure of wing power. Quite an exciting way to start the day. 

But my favourite swan moment is when they are asleep, with their heads beneath their wings, and one foot perched up on their rear ends, and lazily floating down the river. I wonder what they think when they wake up and they’ve drifted half a mile downstream… or they go bumping into the weir. “What the…?”

As you can imagine, all this talk of swans means not too much news on the rehearsal front. We got through the rest of the play. Well… Josette is saving the very ending until tomorrow. We will go through the final chorus and monologue, and then in the afternoon we will do a run. 

So there’s lots of anticipation about tomorrow, and seeing how the storytelling arch will be realised. We’re all pretty tired now. And my feet are killing me. I’m having little trouble playing the aging Eurycleia. It’s finding the young nubile maid that is a lot harder with sore feet! Ah well. It’s fun. And I’m looking forward to playing tomorrow, and seeing what we’ve got! I’ll let you know.


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  1. Andy Lunney Says:

    Yeah – photos.

    A swan fight – that is an interesting way to start the day. I’d take aggressive swans over some jerk in a car – yelling – swearing and honking his horn.

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