Bits and pieces and the lovely Jenny Young


Monday, July 15, 2007

This was a good day. I’m so smart. Or perhaps I am assimilating the role of Oracle. Because just as I predicted, we got right down to it today, and started to work out in detail some of the bits that were sadly lacking in the stumble-through. The atmosphere in the hall was light, not urgent. But focussed and determined. A perfect way to achieve progress. 

We worked bits. And granted, not all the bits we would have liked to work as a cast, but the bits that Josette felt needed focus on from a directorial point of view. No problem. Any detail work was gratefully embarked upon. And it really felt like we got a lot done. The day whipped by, but we did not have time to run the section we had worked on. We will get to that tomorrow. 

In the current format of the play Brochure, there is a double page dedicated to rehearsal photos. So Ellie, the photographer, was in this morning. Some of the women had remembered and worn a little maquillage, but not so for our young Kate. Looking like a complete schlep I happily went about my days work, and I’m sure there will be appalling proof of it in the centrefold of the program. Oh well. It’s only posterity. 


The lovely and talented Jenny Young. 

Jenny (poor Jenny!) was in for a three hour understudy call tonight. Her work meant our freedom, as the rest of us were released at 5pm! The first time since our second week. That was very pleasant. And the weather was co-operating for dinner in the garden. Yea! So when Jenny stumbled in at 9pm, I gave her a big hug. It’s a tough row. But someone has to do it. And I’m glad it’s her. Not in a mean way (well, okay, in a bit of a “thank god its not me” way) but that I am a huge fan of the Jenny Young. She is such an enormous talent, and if anyone in this company could step into that part and pull it off on a days notice, it is this highly gifted young woman. 


3 Responses to “Bits and pieces and the lovely Jenny Young”

  1. Matthew Payne Says:

    Jenny Young is fantastic. Big hello to her.
    Thanks for writing Kate- a really wonderful way to share the process.

  2. Christine Brubaker Says:

    Hello Dear Kate and all: I’ve been following along, loving the details and the journey – specially intrigued with the with the workshop on gender – fascinating.

    And yes, I believe Jenny Young must be fantastic too. Haven’t worked with her, but if she gets your thumbs up than that says something.

    Please don’t be homesick. We’re still here. Summer treads on as ever – more rain this summer which is good – not so hot and not so much smog. phew!

    kisses to you all

  3. Kate Says:

    Thanks Matthew and Christine for your comments. I’m happy to be sharing. This blog thing is a lot of fun, and it’s great to get feedback from people. Let me know if there’s anything particular that you want me to talk about. I’ll be happy to take requests!
    Love to you CB. I’ve been thinking of you often, and Robert and the Rubester. Always missing my Danish family. Glad you’re having a great summer. We’re about to drown here. There are flood warnings everywhere for today.
    Cheers to all the Fringe and Summerworks folks. Hoping the summer scene in Toronto is hot.

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