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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

I was pooped at the end of the day. I think it’s cumulative. So I can’t imagine what the Mac/Mac women are going through. Their shows end on Saturday. And then we head into tech next week. But doing seven shows a week will feel like a holiday to them. So a lot of compassion is needed for them in the rehearsal hall.

We had a sitzprobe with the band for the first half of the day. It’s always so exciting to hear how the music will come to life. And we have fantastic musicians: cello, programmed keyboard, and percussion. Claire, Mike, and Andy. Very exciting. It also serves to remind us that we are not going to be thirteen women in casual clothes in a stark rehearsal hall, but surrounded by light, sound and costume in a magnificent theatre. Those elements alone will serve to lift the play to a completely different level. And it is those elements that make up a good part of Josette’s vision for this piece.

We worked on the re-writes for part two for the rest of the day. This is good work. We are really clarifying the storytelling, and every step is a step forward. It’s tough. There are always debates about the changes, and so it takes a lot of time. And we are all getting tired. Josette is a hero. I can see the wear and tear on her face, but she is always bright and positive, and most importantly, open. Amazingly open. Ready with a hug, and a laugh, and a determination to make it through without wielding the hand of authority. It is a feminine rehearsal process, rife with both havoc and glory.



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  1. Christopher Hunt Says:

    Hey Kate,

    Wow, what an amazing adventure so far – I’ve LOVED reading about your time there – well done, my friend.

    I look forward to the rest of it too. I’m so sorry that I won’t be able to see this show – what are the Ottawa dates again? I guess I could just check the website…

    I can’t remember if I told you at the Auburn that night – we’re taking the Ghost River show MESA to the UK for a wee tour in Feb/Mar ’08 – you’ll have to give me all your tips on things to do/things to bring/things to avoid, etc.

    Elizabeth and I just celebrated our 20th wedding anniversary last week, and Grady just got his first car, with money saved up from working at Peter’s Drive In – yikes!

    All the best,

  2. peter hinton Says:

    Hello Gals and all you beeyoootiful maids and goddesses. Dear Pippa, I hope we have not let you down on all that this project promised. Lisa Karen Cox, I hope it is worth the while for what you have risked! Jenny Young, I pray it is all that you deserve. Pamela Matthews, I remember all that it means, and hope the Brits do too, after to what more than anyone this might mean, To Corrine Koslo, I miss you! Love you! Your body is as strong and as clear as your talent. You are so missed. Ringlets Migillicudy you know who you are… do everything you must… just had drinkies with MacManus and we send you Luv, and finally our sweet Kate Hennnig, never forget this…our life too includes this and you have offered to what by some is regular but to many many many of us if an accomplishment, To our Bristish sisters, remeber your privelge and I look forward to welconing you to our poor but noble country. How grateful am I to participate in art. We in Canada struggle away at our our own Odyseey and are proud and searching still for what a journey to home might mean. In lies there is truth… in disguise the most frigtening meaning. And hey Josette, don’t be afraid of me… I am so with you. Peter Hinton here , in case you haven’t guessed…working on a very different Odyssey of our own. We have clear skies and Perth County is blessing us with a summer like I cannot remember.


    We previw at exactly the same time.



    Mrs. P.

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