Feeling a bit distanced


Thursday, July 19, 2007

It was a bits and pieces day today. Music calls, dance calls, fight calls, costume fittings, and a couple of scenes. So we were all all over the place. These kinds of days scare me. I wasn’t called that much because I am no longer in the fight (boohoo) or the biggest number (whaawhaa) because of playing Eurycleia and the consequent costume changes. So I had quite a bit of time in the greenroom.

I feel distant from the play on days like these. It’s not yet at a stage where I can leave the work behind for a day, and still feel really connected to it. I feel like I lose something by not being up on my feet working. And I feel like, since my scenes are in pretty good shape and there are other parts of the piece that need more focus, I have to wait until we do a run-through to actually get rehearsal. That’s hard. And it makes me scared. Because a run-through is not the same as rehearsal. And I crave a little more of the latter. A good part of that is just fear. And I will see how it goes tomorrow when we do two runs!

There is a bonus to having extra time in the day. Corrine and I booked our cruise to Norway! Oh my! I am so excited. We leave from Newcastle, and will spend four nights and three days on ship (one night in the harbour at Bergen,) and 2 nights and 2 days in Solstrand, in a spa hotel in the mountains outside of Bergen. From Solstrand we can do either a catamaran tour of the fjords, or a rail tour of the mountains. It looks fantastic. And since I haven’t taken an actual holiday since I had three days in Denmark and two days in Amsterdam at the end of the tour of The Danish Play, I am in need of a little R & R. Should be great.

And now: a little word about Kelly McIntosh. What a great job she is doing as Helen of Troy, and as her Maid and her Suitor. She is so dedicated to her work, and she is such a brilliant creator as an actor. Right there, ready to play. And you will get to hear her glorious voice when she sings her little solo as well. Hauntingly beautiful. And on top of all that, she’s bags of fun! A great asset to our group both professionally and socially.


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