And the rain came down


Friday, July 20, 2007


The writer’s view on a sunny day.


The writer’s view after the rain! 

Pelting rain today. I was determined to go to market, so I ventured out early, before rehearsals, in the ridiculous downpour. The poor market stall people. There is a fabulous bread stall, and the owner has to order the bread on Tuesday for delivery on the Friday. Fantastic artisan breads, but he had so few customers and was going to lose most of his stock. God bless you luv for coming out in this, he said. So even the natives are shocked by the weather. I bought Stilton bread and goats cheese, and fresh baby carrots for my lunch. Yum.

So. The play comes together. We did two runs today. It’s a great exercise. Giving us a real sense of the whole before we take it apart completely to add technical elements. A day to say goodbye to the rehearsal room, with its airlessness and fluorescent light, and to prepare for the world of the theatre which lies just around the corner.

As a warm-up we ran the choruses. That was good, though they still need a lot of cleaning. Or I certainly feel that I am not as clear as I would like to be with some of them. And then we did a first run. Considering it was a week since our last full run, it went pretty smoothly.

A few notes after lunch, and then a whole bunch of people came in to watch the second run. Although this felt somewhat intrusive and a little like a performance that we were not prepared to play, we took a big leap forward in the story telling. The script changes we made this week are working well. There is still some tweaking to do, but it feels like things are soooo much clearer in the second part. The style and level of playing also becomes more clear as we put together back to back runs. So a lot was learned. And I think Josette was really pleased, and looking forward to creating the visual and aural world that exists now only in her imagination. I also look forward to seeing the technical world that our story will live in. Much excitement to come next week.

The rain did not let up all day, and now there are flood warnings for the whole country, and floods already reported in the area. Undaunted, we all descended on a local French restaurant and had a delicious meal, and an evening of celebration, letting go of one phase of the project, and anticipating the next. Jondon, our company manager, bought us some wine, and was already booking hotel accommodation for people like Cicely Berry, who was unable to return to her home because of the flooding.

It will be interesting to see what effect the weather has on the weekend, and my plans to visit my friend Hilary in Leicester.


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    I recall the photo of the view looking down at the river from your bedroom window. I hope it stays a downward vision…..

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