A day away from Ithaca



Bradgate Park 

Sunday, July 22, 2007

My friend Kev from Leicester came and got me and was aghast at the great Lake Stratford. The roads had opened. The sun was shining. And the country was beginning to breath again. One of Kev and Hilary’s neighbours had been stranded outside Evesham and abandoned her car, spent a good part of the night in a Pub which kept open, and then was offered lodging by a woman whose road home had opened up. People gathering around a disaster. It’s a human phenomenon, I think.

Had a great day in Leicester. It’s just a relief to get away from the tiny, intense world that we are currently inhabiting. Kev and Hils took me to Bradgate Park in the countryside of Leicestershire. It’s an old estate that was bequeathed to the people of Leicestershire for their enjoyment. And really, it’s just a great place to go for a walk. To get into the country air and commune with the deer that are resident in the park, and the odd peacock or two, and the absolutely ancient trees and babbling brooks that dot the landscape. Brilliant.

A chance to get away from Sparta and Ithaca and storytelling for a day. To just be a human being, hanging out with friends, sharing a good meal, great conversation, laughter, fresh air and sunshine. That is a perfect day off.

They’re calling for rain tomorrow.


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