First day of tech. Yikes.


Monday, July 23, 2007

Well. How can I be diplomatic about our first day of tech. Let’s say that there are natural differences in theatre making that exist around the world. Different practices in rehearsal. Different ways to bring the elements together for an audience. Let’s say that I should embrace those differences as expansive, and adventurous. Let’s say that, since I have been working in theatre for twenty-six years I have become a bit set in my ways. A bit rigid in my expectations. I’m happy to frame my experience as personal. Let’s say that.

And that the good thing about working in full tech from the outset is… well, I’m not quite sure. Maybe that you get used to your costume. And that the usefulness of running into a scene where there are flying pieces, without ever having seen them, or where they fly, or how that might effect the heads of the actors who are just trying to continue the acting underneath them, is somehow… edifying? 

Alright. Enough of my bitter tongue. I’ll be honest. This was a very difficult day for me. 

Let me relay the factual information for the sake of the diary. We started the day with a fire-safety talk, and a tour of the backstage. Then we had a short sound and music rehearsal in the theatre, just to get some idea of levels and hearing the band. From there we had a half hour to get into costume and wigs. In England they do the entire series of technical rehearsals in full get-up. So from 4pm we were in our positions and working through from the top of the piece. By the dinner break, we had done the introduction. It is a very complicated series of events for everyone, so this did not really surprise me. And by 11:30 pm we ended, just as Rae, our assistant director had predicted, at the top of the Wedding scene. 

We will continue on from here. And I will be sure to take my patience pill before I head in tomorrow.


 Okay. I have to finish on a positive note. The Swan Theatre is a gem. The experience of playing this space will be second to none. I know that. And I can see that the difficulties of the day will disappear beside the sheer joy of performing in this theatre. And also, that the show will look and sound amazing. That these elements are already lifting the play to a new height, and that we will have a great piece of theatre by the end of the week. That gives me some perspective. 


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