Slow and Steady wins the race.


Wednesday, July 25, 2007

The rain is pelting down. Ayeeee!

(Okay. Here’s my secret. I actually write the following morning. It has been my practice for the past ten years to write a morning journal. It feels quite natural to me; a comforting routine. So when the NAC asked me to keep a record of the process of The Penelopiad it was quite easy for me to accept and simply substitute my personal writing for writing of a more public nature.

I’ll admit… I’m diplomatic. This is a place for softening ones personal reactions to events, to look at things with somewhat more objectivity. But I have not lied. Not once. I have just not told the whole truth when I think that truth is inappropriate for public consumption.

I say all this as a sort of apology for my entry of Monday this week. It was a hard day for me personally, and I simply couldn’t be objective about that day. We all have dark days.

The day was good. It moved more slowly than I expected. But it was good. The show is going to look stunning. This will be due in no small part to our very talented Bonnie Beecher. Wow. She can paint with light. I don’t want to give a lot away at this point, because I’m hoping that many of you reading will get a chance to see the show in Ottawa, but it’s pretty yummy!


Swan dressing room hall. 

These are long days. We are called for costume fitting and rehearsals from 11:30am, and then we take two one-hour breaks in a day that goes to 11:30pm. Pooped. This is the time when the echinacea comes out, and all the voodoo we use to keep ourselves healthy. But little injuries happen when we have to go into a big movement section, and it is seven hours since you did a warm-up. The strain is palpable. But on we go.

I spoke with Josette at one point, and she is not certain whether we will get through tech tomorrow. That means no dress rehearsal. That means… the first preview will be our first run-through with all elements. That’s tough to face. But at the same time we have to be where we are. There is no pushing the process faster than it will go. And so we plod on. Slow and steady wins the race.


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  1. Andy Lunney Says:


    Change is hard – change is good and I love that you are so open to experiencing both. When I look at the photo you included I don’t see an empty hallway. I see a hallway filled with maids in wigs and costumes, dressers and crew all flying about.

    Take a deep breath and savour your very first performance on the Swan stage.

    The English Theatre gang back in Ottawa send much merde.


    P.S. I sent a comment through about the rains that seemed to have been swept away. Glad everyone is okay.

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