Long day and a birthday


Thursday, July 26, 2007

Well, we didn’t get through the play. I know that it was Josette’s goal to get through all of it so we could rehearse a few bits tomorrow and do a dress rehearsal before the preview. But it will be tight now. And it means that after leaving the theatre at 11:30pm we have to be back, and getting into costume, at 10:30am! Eeeee. Oh well, we suck it up and get on with it. 

We started the day with rehearsal in the Ashcroft Room. This is a spectacular rehearsal hall which sits on top of the Swan Theatre. It is completely lined with wood, with windows all around, and a vaulted ceiling. A pretty spectacular space. Unfortunately the roof leaks, so with the… you guessed it… Rain!, there were a few drippy bits. 

The rehearsal was mostly with Allison, the fight director. Cleaning the fight at the end, and cleaning the moves in the rape scene. Then a few music bits, and a break before tech.

I had a costume fitting (they’re replacing my basic Maid’s costume), and then the Canadian girls had photos taken for the Walrus article. Then into costume to start on stage.

It was a good day again. Lot’s of beautiful images. But it went slowly. I think it is just the layering of elements. But it felt like we didn’t get very far very fast. This means a lot of waiting. And one must learn to conserve ones energy. But regardless of conservation, there was a lot of yawning going on by the end of the evening. 


Mojisola Adebayo 

We had a birthday cake at the tea break: Mojisola Adebayo. Moj is in the rehearsal picture with me in the July 18th entry. She’s fantastic. She’s playing Telemachus, and makes such a gorgeous five year old boy! She’s a great actor, a fine wordsmith, and a wonderful woman. She is in the dressing room with me, along with Corrine Koslo and Jade Anouka. Happy B-day Moj! Too bad every second of it was spent in the theatre!


5 Responses to “Long day and a birthday”

  1. Hilary Purves Says:

    Hi Kate and comrades,
    I’ve been thinking of you all on this Friday – the day you will offer your communication to that special group of people who comprise first nighters. As you said Kate – a special group who will come full of expectation to hear and see and be in the same time and space as you, and go through the experience with you on the first showing. It will have had its own special raw magic, and no matter what you may think of it, they will take their own rich experience away from it, don’t forget that. I was once completely deflated by speaking to a choreographer after a show that I had really enjoyed, as she raged on about everything that had gone wrong or not lived up to her plans. The audience will have experienced a peice of real theatre with you all, be excited and happy. Its a great and aged and wonderful thing that you do. I hope you went to bed happy women and wake up refreshed and full of enthusiasm, ready to tell your story anew.
    All my love Hils. X X X X X X

  2. Wendy Dobson Says:

    Writing from Toronto and hope that your next entry will tell of a wonderful Opening Night! The article in the Toronto Star today was delightful and full of praise for all. Continued success in London.
    Ottawa awaits!

  3. peter hinton Says:

    i tried emailing the other day but not sure if it went through. Also, tried to send a fax from our Odyssey company here in Stratford Ontario – and again I hope you all got it. But what a day for us – to see all you bee yoo tiful gals on the front page of our Toronto Star. The British gals may be laughing and indeed periochial it is, but in Canada still a big deal. I am so proud of you all – and wish you the best through these next performances up until your opening. I can hardly wait to see you – I am coming on the 15th – and look forward to hearing from you. Any word is good – my email is phinton@nac-cna.ca and if you have the time I’d be so happy to hear.
    Love to Corrine, Pippa, Kate, Ringlets, Lisa, Jenny, Pam, Djanet, Veronica, Bonnie and all our Brit co-patriots.

    Peter Hinton

  4. shannon Says:

    Dear Kate et al,

    I’m so sorry I just found your blog now (via the Toronto Star)! I read The Penelopiad last year — how wonderful that it’s now a play. Since your last post is from Thursday, you must be into the run, but I wish you and everyone else Merde! and Breakaleg! I look forward to reading more of your blog (?) and seeing the show when it makes its way to T.O. (or thereabouts).


  5. Kate Says:

    My thanks all of you for your great comments. They mean so much. I’m reading them to the ladies backstage and everyone is so grateful for your support.
    Will write more soon, but time is a little tight this week as you can imagine.

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