It All Begins to Settle


Monday, July 30, 2007

Good rehearsal today. We tightened and cleaned a lots of bits up in the Ashcroft Room. Then after lunch we had some time on stage and spent most of that working on re-staging the Dream. Other small bits effected by timing were also addressed, and each of these little changes now become part of tonight’s show.

At the end of rehearsal Josette warned of some larger changes to come tomorrow. One of them is particularly hard. She wants to cut the last scene between Eurycleia and Penelope. I said “yes” because an actor must say yes, but this was a tough one for me and I went home and really thought about the scene on the dinner break. What is the role of the scene in the play? What part does it play in the story, and is it vital? And if it is not, I have to let it go for the good of the show. Tough. I love the scene.


Director Josette Bushell-Mingo

Another good preview. A quieter house this time, but they were right with us, and the storytelling becomes clearer and clearer. And the insanity backstage is understood now, so even though it is still mayhem, it seems more controlled and less frantic. Which means that our onstage life is also more controlled and less frantic, and we can achieve a greater level of contact with our fellow actors and our audience. It all begins to settle and become ours.

What a change from this time last week where it seemed to be taken away from us completely. It’s quite ironic that although every production goes through relatively the same process, tech time is always such a shock to the actor and to the play, such a difficult time of growth. And this time, when we rediscover the story, but at a level so much deeper, so refined, so layered with other elements, and together with an audience, it becomes a new play, and the struggle to discover it begins to melt into the background. It is a birth that miraculously disassociates you from the labour.

I saw Josette in the dressing room hallway after the preview. I guess my homework on the scene paid off: she said I had convinced her of its place in the story. There may be some nips and tucks but I think it will stay. Yea.


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  1. Christine Brubaker Says:

    Hello Kate et al:

    Hope you are holding forth with energy and high spirits. It all sounds exhausting, exciting and theatrically good for the soul. Keep resting, drinking, laughing and knowing that we’re thinking of you here at home.


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