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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Fifth preview last night. Changes during the day were small, but useful. We did some much needed cleaning on music. The hard thing about all the technical elements of the play is that things like music rehearsals get moved to the bottom of the heap. So it was a real pleasure to get back to drilling cut-offs and harmony lines, and trying to hold on to them when we’re on our feet doing the movement and the scenes.

I had a crap preview personally. Pushing, pushing, pushing. I simply was not relaxing into anything. Pooh. Ironically, it’s good to have a bad performance at this stage. I think I said this a few days ago, but, it makes you pick up your bootstraps again, and get yourself to yet a new rung on the ladder to opening. The show did not suffer, and was likely the best yet. The audience was right with us from the top.

And their audible reactions to some of the comedy and the horror were excellent markers for us in terms of story-telling. So for me, the goal for tomorrow is to chill out, to be present in the scenes, to talk to the people I’m talking to, and not to bellow! It’s time to find my stride.

My godson Harry left, and my mom and dad arrived today. It was nice to get a hug from my mummy and daddy. And others are trickling in for the press night on Thursday. Victoria Steele, the managing director for English Theatre at the NAC is now here. And after the show, when I was having a pint with my mom and dad, and my old babysitter, Sue and her husband Richard, John Wood sidled up to the bar. So he joined my family and we had a chat about the documentary film that he is producing in France. According to one of my dressers, Keith (people in wardrobe are always the first to get the scoop), there are 80 people coming from Canada. “Who can they be?” he asked me. I had no idea. But apparently John Wood among others. I’ll look forward to seeing who else…

[Just by the way… this entry takes me to over 20,000 words so far! Fun, eh?!]


3 Responses to “Pushing, Pushing, Pushing”

  1. Babs xoxo Says:

    Wishing you a fabulous opening. I know you’ll do us proud Ms. Kate.
    Merde & Love, Babs & Mar xoxo

  2. lisa waines Says:

    from another canadian friend, “happy opening!”. post of pic of the festivities:) i wanna see your faces beaming-as i can imagine they are… xo

  3. Valerie Arntze Says:

    Please pass this on to Corrine Koslo….I am so proud of you….way to go…you look fabulous….lots of love from the west coast…Valerie

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