No Rest for the Wicked


Friday, August 3, 2007

Eyford House

No rest for the wicked. Not exactly the optimum planning, but at 11am we were on a coach heading for the Cotswolds and a luncheon with the Vice Chairman of the RSC, Lady Susie Sainsbury, at the home of Lady Charlotte Heber-Percy, Eyford House. A “ladies only” luncheon was served on the back terrace. Other than being basically brain-dead, it was an amazing event. The weather was far more beautiful than I (and others) expected and we ended up with some sunburn that had to be covered for the evening show. But come on folks! Sunburn! You know what that means! The sun was shining! Oh, it was a beautiful day. And I got some beautiful pictures.

Many members of the NAC Penelope Circle were there: the women who have made substantial financial donations so that this project could be realised. It was great to meet with such enthusiastic supporters of the theatre from both sides of the ocean. And to receive such informed support from these really remarkable women.

And what a house. The gardens were spectacular. My pictures cannot convey the beauty. And the luncheon was wonderful. Janet Suzman was an unexpected guest. It would have been so much better had we had a few brain cells left with which to communicate, but I think we did reasonably well. I especially enjoyed the chocolate cake! Oh my.

Eyford House Terrace

Then home to catch a quick, and desperately needed sleep before the show. (When do we do any grocery shopping, that’s my question!) Between the short nap and the vocal warm-up I ran an got some essentials for breakfast. I will deal with real groceries, and laundry, and catch up on email on Sunday.

A pretty tired group of women gathered for the warm-up, and then… you know… we had a pretty good show! That’s good for a second show.

I quite enjoyed myself. I think we will have a good time telling this story once we get a bit of rest. So home right after the show, sent the blog off from opening night, and watched the news with a snack and a cup of camomile tea. Two shows tomorrow. Two more sleeps and then a day off. Oh yes. That’s what I’m longing for now.


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