Rest and Recovery


Sunday and Monday, August 5 &6, 2007

Rest! Yippee! I spent Sunday doing nothing. My mother very indelicately phoned at a few minutes past ten. I had really wanted to sleep in longer. But c’est la vie. The day began with a relaxing breakfast in my bay window, in glorious sunlight, watching the tourists gather for their many river activities, writing. It is one of my favourite ways to spend time. I caught up on the blog, and emails, drank lots of tea, and gazed out the window for some time.

I went out into the garden in the afternoon, spread a blanket out, and worked on understudy lines. That was the big Sunday activity for all the “P Girls” in the house. Jenny is doing amazingly well. She will have long rehearsal days all week, along with the others who have the larger loads: Kelly, Corrine and Lisa. The rest of us will be called sporadically to fill in our bits and pieces. Then Friday we will have a run through in tech and costume. So it will be a pretty jam packed week for some.

That makes the rest even more important. So no guilt for lying under the apple tree and watching the clouds go by. Or for lying on my bed watching telly in the evening. Good.

Monday was another gentle day, as our assistant director Rae was still in London working on another project. So the understudy call was for music only. I took myself off to the massage therapist where I had a very intense massage which included some painful work on my groin pull.

Then I had an Artists’ Forum meeting. I volunteered at the start to represent our company on this committee but was unable to attend an earlier meeting because of rehearsals. So that was fun. I love sitting on these committees: trying to make life and art better for the artists in a company. A great thing to do. And a better place to bitch about things than in the pub after a few pints! Not that there was bitching at all. It was very civilised, and I felt my outside opinion was valued. The discussion centred mostly on the artists’ needs in the renovations of the main theatre, and the legacy of The Complete Works year that has just passed. The collaboration with the NAC and The Penelopiad is a direct extension of the excitement generated by that year of international productions. It was fun to be a fly on the wall and to hear a bit of the inside workings of this great company.

Then I sat in the garden and read for a while, had a little lie down, and went in for warm-up and a show. It was a great audience. Penny is really hitting her stride now. She knows more and more how the dialogue with the audience works, and she creates a wonderfully comfortable relationship with them right from the start. They were a really fun group, and so ready to follow along with her story. Three cheers for Penny Downie. What a great woman.

I had a very careful show, what with a bandaged toe and a sore groin. Running is especially irritating, and I run everywhere. It’s really tough to have an injury because you feel incapable of giving one hundred percent. There is always a part of your brain that is protecting the weakened area. And though this is imperceptible to an audience, it makes the show harder for the actor. There is a small part of you that cannot be “in the moment” and that is a bloody nuisance.  I made it through, though, and then came right home to ice.

(Not very pleasant sticking an ice-pack on that part of your anatomy!) On top of physical injuries, there is a nasty cold going through the company. Poor Derbhle was really sick last night. Miserable. Must remember to wash hands, and do the voodoo. But once a germ like that is in the group it is pretty difficult to avoid it what with touching all sorts of props and holding hands and so on. So it will likely spread through the group over the next week or so.

Wow. A bit of a miserable way to wrap up. So let me say this: the audience is really enjoying the show. That is so much fun. It is just great to hear peoples little vocal responses to certain text or images. And we know that we are offering them a good night’s entertainment.


3 Responses to “Rest and Recovery”

  1. Lynn Slotkin Says:

    Hark Kate,

    Ok I’ve found the problem of not getting the entries past Aug. 1. Something about being off-line when I should be on-line. Glad you have discovered the wonders of Penny Downie. It all sounds exciting. I can hardly wait to see the show in Ottawa.



  2. Suzanne Bennett Says:

    Hey lovely Kate,
    Just to let you know that I’ve been enjoying the travelog immensely!
    All the best with your show (hope to see it in Ottawa) and wish you a speedy recovery (groin, yikes. Did a show with a broken toe once, not fun.)
    Take care and thanks for letting me experience the process vicariously.
    Much love,

  3. Kate Says:

    Lynn and Suzanne,
    thanks for reading! It’s been such a great experience keeping this journal and hearing from some of the many people who are reading it! Loads of fun. Sending you both my best,

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