Understudy Rehearsals Begin



Tuesday, August 7, 2007

The torrential rains have given way to glorious sunshine. It has been absolutely gorgeous here for since before opening. What a relief. And we can say it’s a good thing, since the entire monsoon month we were locked in the rehearsal hall, and now that the sun is shining there is a little time off. Well… for some of us.

We started understudy rehearsals in earnest today. That means 10 – 5 days for Jenny on top of shows. And for Kelly and Lisa and Jade, who are called for a good chunk of those days. I was in for only an hour today, which meant a sleep in. I needed it as I now have “the cold”.


Jenny Young in Rehearsal for The Penelopiad, Photo Ellie Kurttz 

But the report from Jenny was that they got through all that was scheduled, which is excellent. Blocking rehearsals will finish tomorrow. Then there will be a run through on Thursday, and a tech/dress run on Friday. And then Jenny’s parents and boyfriend come! No rest for her.

It was a really good show. (Poor Derbhle looked like Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer, but she was a trooper and made it through. The rest of our European colleagues are now catching up on the rest that they so deserve.)

Penny is making fantastic strides in her relationship with the audience. Every day she seems to win them over more. They love her! Nothing could be better in terms of our storytelling. It allows them to respond to the comedy through the piece, and then to feel the tragedy as well. Fantastic. It’s great to see so tangibly how imperative audience is to our craft. The entire world of the play changes when it is seen in relationship with the eyes, and ears, and minds of the public. It is the final piece in the puzzle.


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