Ah, adrenaline



Friday, August 10, 2007


In the middle of the night, the cold moved in big time. I haven’t been so sick with a cold in years. They grow their germs nasty here in England. We began the technical rehearsal for the understudies at 10 am. So we were in costume at what felt like breakfast time. Yuck. I begged Rae to go home after my bit, and she gave me the allowance. I stayed in bed all afternoon.

The good news is, Sarah’s family emergency has passed, and all is well. She was back in to do her bit at the beginning of the understudy run, too, and then went home. The cold is moving through the company in varying degrees, but the worrisome thing is that Penny is also quite sick with it. Three more shows and then a day off. These down days seem to become more important, when one would think we might be getting some tourism done. No. Just time to recover from the onslaught of the week.

And now, a short treatise on adrenaline: oh blessed hormone! For the understudies, it kicks in like a magical drug that allows you to throw yourself into fear inducing states that would otherwise leave you catatonic. With adrenaline, you walk through fire, and come out the other side shouting, “bring it on”! At the same time, it is the best possible medicine for a cold, or a voice that would otherwise not have the power to fill the kitchen, let alone the theatre. It pumps you up, you do your job, you have enough energy left to meet friends at the public house for an hour or so, and then you crash soundly on your pillow and allow the body to recuperate. Sensational. Ah, adrenaline.

According to Jenny and Kelly, the rest of the tech went well, and things are ready for the run on Monday. There was one little hangover from the tech: I went into my first quick change into Eurycleia to find that my costume had been altered for Corrine for the understudy run, and they had not restored it! Hmmm. If you know Corrine and you know me, you can see how this could be a bit of an issue. And I was a bit cranky about it, as my wick was shortened by the cold… but on you go in a rather strange looking frock, and for the next change everything was back to normal.

Corrine Koslo as Icarius in The Penelopiad, photo Ellie Kurttz

Straight home after the show. A hot toddy to put me to sleep, but a wretched sleep awaited me.


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