A Gentle day



Tuesday, August 14, 2007

A gentle day. Catching up on rest. The day began with a massage for me. I’ve strained the groin again. A different set of muscles this time, likely compensating for the other ones. So thank God for Nick Hall, and his magic massaging hands. Writing, emailing, and reading took up the rest of the day. Pretty simple.

Penny’s illness is more serious than we hoped, and she was off again tonight. Jenny stepped up. The second show is usually the most difficult for the understudy, as the power of the adrenaline has waned for both the actor going on, and for those who are supporting.

But Jenny Young disproved this theory by taking her work to a new height. It’s like watching a child learn: how quickly she digested the information she received from her audience the night before, and took a huge leap forward. She spoke many sections of the play in her own voice, and that voice is so clear, and funny. Lovely Jenny. Great work.

My heart goes out to Penny, too. I cannot imagine how difficult it is to be in her shoes, and to be forced out of the game to sit on the sidelines and heal. This is a very difficult place for an actor to sit. So, Penny… know that our hearts are still with you, and your presence in our work is missed.


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  1. Alison Lawrence Says:

    I’ve just ingested this entire series in one sitting…….wow, what a journey. Thank you Kate – it’s so wonderful to be there through your eyes.

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