Canadians in the crowd!



Wednesday, August 15, 2007

I slept… and I mean SLEPT… for 9 1/2 hours. Do you think my body was trying to tell me something?! The dreaded bug is spreading – Rae, our assistant director, and Deborah Shaw, our Artistic Associate, both have it now. Some of us are beginning to recover, though. We learned relatively early in the day that Penny would do the show tonight. So that’s good. Back to our regular tracks, which provides a certain comfort.

The Cast in The Penelopiad, photo Ellie Kurttz

The show itself was a bit of an adjustment. It’s amazing how quickly one adapts to a new energy, and then how the scales must be re-adjusted. So a bit of a wonky show from the inside, not that anyone would notice. And there were Canadians in the crowd!

Jenny’s parents, George and Joanne arrived this morning from a few days hiking in the Cotswolds. (A curse and an blessing that Jenny could not get hold of them yesterday to say she would be on again!) And Peter Hinton, our fearless NAC leader, was in attendance.

It was so great to see him after the show. He is such a wonderful support, and such a gifted man of the theatre. To have him brimming with pride meant all the world to us. So some drinks in the Duck were in order. Though most of us made an early night, as it is the big press day for the Histories Company tomorrow: they open Richard II, and Henry IV Parts 1 & 2. All in one day! Many of us are going to see Richard II at 10:30 tomorrow morning. And there will be a big party to attend tomorrow night. Should be fun!


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