Two Good Shows Today


Thursday, September 6, 2007

Two good shows today. Had breakfast at a little diner with Michael Cryne, our musical director. What a great guy he is. Real salt of the earth, and extremely talented. At twenty-six he is going to be writing his PhD in composition starting next fall. And he’s a real lad from Manchester, which keeps me in stitches all the time. His grandfather was at the show this afternoon. And I’m sorry I missed chatting with him.

After the second show we had a Q & A. It was a bit calamitous, as there is an ongoing problem with the pool onstage, and the crew was bailing water the whole time we were up there chatting with the folks. Pretty funny. This particular discussion centred around the cross-gender work that we do in the play, and the instantaneous transitions that we all have to make. The audience was impressed with the skill involved in those things which seem quite second nature to an actor. Whenever people comment on aspects of technique and “how do you learn all those lines?”, and how they could never do that… I always retort that I am in awe of accountants. I could never look at a column of numbers and see how they work together. I find it extremely intimidating. And yet that is second nature to an accountant. It is just not something that I have become dextrous at doing.

There was a couple from Canada in the house (friends of Kelly’s I think) whose daughter is doing a PhD at U of T. So I made a proud speech about how important this whole experience, this adventure, has been for the Canadians: to work with such a distinguished group of international artists, for a highly regarded company, on a brand new piece of Canadian theatre! I like to remind myself of that perspective, and that the perks of travelling and views certainly take a back seat to this singular professional opportunity.

Back to the hotel… to pack… again. Our bus is going to leave the hotel at 4 a.m. on Saturday morning to get us to Heathrow in plenty of time. Yikes. So all money things must be sorted tomorrow morning before the media call, and we must be ready to hit the trail long before dawn.

So tomorrow night there will be goodbyes to the Mac/Mac men. To most of our crew. Sadness. Closure.


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