Thank you, Ottawa!


Saturday, September 22, 2007

I rose early for the morning after an opening because I was to have an on camera interview with CBC NewsWorld. I arrived at the theatre at 11:20 to put some make-up on my beleaguered face. I’m afraid a trowel and Polyfilla wouldn’t help the bags under my eyes. And then… the interviewer no-showed! Grrrrrrrrr. That is the worst. The morning after opening! I was not a happy camper. 

Of course, I got over it, and we had two good shows Saturday. We were all pretty pooped for the matinee, but got some rest in between shows and gave a really good evening show. 

The response of the audiences here in Ottawa is considerably different to the reaction in England. The English, and Irish women in our cast have remarked on it, too. I’m not sure what to chalk it up to, but we have had standing ovations for every show here. It’s such a pleasure. Maybe it’s a Canadian story? Or maybe it’s told in a way that we are somehow akin to? Maybe we’re really hitting our stride now? Or maybe we’re just proud that this is a Canadian play, a Canadian production, a Canadian success story? Whatever it is, it feels so great to have such an amazing response from our home crowd! Yee haw. THANK YOU OTTAWA!

Fall foliage


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