Another glorious day


Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Another glorious day in Ottawa. I kept warning the girls that the weather would turn… but it has decidedly made a liar out of me. 

A good show. A little slow. The slowest one we’ve done in a while, but just knowing that will perk us up for tomorrow night’s show. Still. Fun.penelopiad_prod_12.jpg
Members of the Company, The Penelopiad, photo Ellie Kurttz

I’m having such a good time with Sarah these days. The rapport that we have on stage between both our Maids, and the Odysseus/Eurycleia relationship, has evolved substantially in the process of playing. It is a real touchstone for me for the entire piece. We are playful, and sly, and I find our internal story very moving. I’m sure the audience only gets little tastes of that, but as an actor it is something that keeps me focussed as the days go on, and the shows blur one into the next. It is this kind of detail that keeps the spark alive. 

And as for the old repetitive strain injuries (Corrine has strained her groin, and I am hobbling along on my sore Achilles tendons), they slow us down, and perhaps Eurycleia’s limp looks a little more convincing, but nothing that anyone would notice. The ice-packs keep the worst of it at bay, and it is amazing how a little adrenaline keeps the body moving! 

The wind has calmed. Like a suspense before the ultimate climax. The resolution is inevitable. 


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